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Understanding Modified Starch

A Modified Starch is simply a starch that is modified physically, chemically, or enzymatically to improve its functionality. Using native starch has its own limitations like low shear resistance, thermal resistance, and thermal decomposition during processing. Hence, different types of starch modifications are employed to optimize the structural characteristics and functional properties for targeted applications. This modified version has greater stabilizing and emulsifying properties, greater thickening capacity, better binding properties, etc.

At Vinayak, we provide modifications of starches obtained from Maize, Cassava, or Potato.

Modified Starch enables the introduction of new starch characteristics with increased stability of starch dispersion and improvement in gel-forming properties. This Modified Starch has been improved to develop specific characteristics, such as the ability to bring texture and structure to the food to which they are added. The viscosity can be adjusted depending upon its usage and target application. Alterations in gelatinization parameters are also possible, like a decrease in gelatinization temperature, shortening cooking time, decrease in breakdown viscosity, increase in hot paste stability. Certain modifications allow improvement in cold water dispersibility.

In food products, the functional role of Modified Starch is versatile. It could be as a thickener, binding agent, emulsifier, clouding agent or gelling agent.