ELASTOVIN is a fine white/creamy powder that is mainly used to provide texture and structure to a range of food products. It is suitable for use in noodles, pasta, momos, sponge cakes, bread, dairy desserts, squeezable snacks, and reformed foods.

It is stable at high temperatures and low pH.

ELASTOVIN improves the elasticity of texture and decreases rehydration time when applied in high solid food applications. In simpler words, it makes your noodles more springy and provides firmness to your sponge cakes, preventing brittleness all the while maintaining its sponginess. In eggless cake premixes, it also helps to reduce WPC content.

ELASTOVIN provides squeezability and spreadability when used in low-solid food applications like squeezable snacks and gels.

ELASTOVIN yields a clean taste profile and quick meltability, which makes it suitable for application in dairy systems.

Elastovin Modified Starch Manufacturer in India - Vinayak Corporation