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Vinayak Ingredients (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1977 as one of the first Menthol producers in India. Soon Vinayak Ingredients (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. ventured into the arena of food coloring and flavoring agents. VIPL focuses and believes in use of...

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Our Products – Food

Natural Food Colors

Natural Food Colours

Natural Food Color is any dye, pigment or any other substance obtained from vegetable, animal, mineral, or source capable of coloring food drug

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Synthetic Food Colors

Synthetic Food Colour

Synthetic Food Colours, also known as Artificial Food Colours, are manufactured chemically. They are the most commonly used dyes

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Essential Oils

Menthol and Essential Oil

We offer different kinds of menthol and have a varied range of Essential Oils used in various cosmetics, pharmaceuticals & food industry

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Our Products – Feed

Essentiolitt I reduces the odor

Essentiolitt I

Essentiolitt-I is a litter disinfectant to be used in poultry and other livestock. It reduces the odor originating from the bedding and reduces the moisture content in the litter.

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Kifay an amino acid optimizer


KiFAY is an amino acid optimizer, it improves the protein retention and protein turn over rates in livestock. KiFAY reduces stress and catabolic losses during production and helps the animals

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Herbofloxin improves gut immune barriers


A unique micro emulsified formulation of phytoactive ingredients. Herbofloxin eliminates chemicals such as water sanitizers, feed disinfectants and antibiotics

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Natural Flavour Powder

Fresh fruits are passed through washing vat for the cleaning of fruits after washing the fruits are sorted on sorting section. Vegetables are sundried to avoid the nutrition and active content losses. The extraction process of the soluble solids is carried out in a counter current extraction system.

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