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Emulfino Modified Starch

EMULFINO is a pregelatinized, emulsifying modified starch. It is a highly versatile starch characterized by cold water swelling properties and a smooth, creamy texture.

EMULFINO is well suited for use in emulsified sauces and cream-based sauces like mayonnaise, puddings, cold processed salad dressings, fruit pie fillings, microwavable sauces, dry mix sauces and gravies. It imparts enhanced creaminess and has excellent cold temperature storage stability. It is completely stable in high pH foods (such as cream products) as well as acid containing foods.

EMULFINO has excellent freeze-thaw stability and is resistant to heat, acid and shear during homogenisation of low pH products.

Another added feature of EMULFINO is that it hydrates quickly and produces a product with high gloss /sheen which promotes a good appearance in the finished product.

Emulfino Modified Starch