EMULCOAT comes as a fine white/ creamy powder. It is an emulsion stabilizing starch specifically designed for the encapsulation of volatile compounds. Since it has both hydrophobic and hydrophilic surface properties and a unique branched polymer structure, it exhibits excellent emulsification properties allowing minimum droplet size during the spray drying process. EMULCOAT is well suited for the encapsulation of flavors, clouds, vitamins, and spices as well as vitamins and fatty esters.

In the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, EMULCOAT functions as an emulsifier and solubilizer. It is used in formulations as well as excipients like blends, granules, pellets, syrups, suspensions, and liquids.

This emulsifying starch is an excellent replacement for expensive gums and proteins.

In the food industry, EMULCOAT is used in a variety of products including dry beverage mixes, dry bakery mixes, nut coating, clear coating for french fries, and also cheese-based dressings.

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