CRISPOFY is a specialty binding starch created for the application of fried food products. It exhibits consistent adhesion of breading, batters, and coatings and also imparts internal bonding strength. As the name implies, it induces the desired crispness or crunchiness and improves the color and texture of the end product.

CRISPOFY is used in batter systems and a variety of fried foods such as formed potato, meat, seafood, and vegetable products. When used in such products, it exhibits good film-forming characteristics and also acts as a protective barrier when used as a coating for fried foods. CRISPOFY ensures uniform coating and consistent viscosity of covering. CRISPOFY helps in improving the functional properties of end products by reducing oil pickup and minimizing moisture loss in deep-fried foods.

CRISPOFY is also used in extruded cereals and snacks to improve their texture.

Crispofy Modified Starch Manufacturer in India - Vinayak Corporation