There is certainly convincing scientific evidence available claiming the use of antibiotics in food-producing animals can contribute to the resistance of certain antibiotics relevant to human medicines. Therefore, EU & US is promoting ABF (antibiotic-free) poultry productions. But these current trends of ABF poultry farming industry are facing numerous challenges and the major faced challenges are as follows;
PRODUCTION CHALLENGES: there will separate processing plants required to raise ABF birds, organic birds, split birds and 100% ABF birds.
MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES: this includes a reduction in stock density, increasing down-time, cleaning out more frequently, maintain ideal temperature, keeping strict biosecurity, stress reductions, breed selection, etc.
HEALTH CHALLENGES: In the initial stages of development some birds may encounter the minute enteric and systemic disease.
ANIMAL WELFARE CHALLENGES: to establish when and how to treat the birds with the new program regime, an option of diverting to the conventional program, etc. Prominent alternatives for antibiotics in poultry farming include organic acids, essential oils, probiotics, prebiotics, phytobiotics, synbiotics, herbal drugs, and many more being added in the list. The attributes of these substitutes are as follows;

  1. Should improve weight gain with lower FCR.
  2. It should improve performance effectively.
  3. It should not cause deleterious disturbance of normal gut flora.
  4. Should not be absorbed from the gut into edible tissues.
  5. It should have little therapeutic use in human or veterinary medicines preferably.
  6. Should be readily biodegradable.
    To minimize the usage of all these products for specific benefits and use a single product in spite, Vinayak Ingredients have launched ‘A natural non-antibiotic growth promoter’ which perform all these peripheral as an advantage with a brand nameHERBOFLOXIN- A blend of various essential oils” which goes into the water and performs various actions as follows;
  • Complete gut acidification buy maintaining the pH in the acidic range.
  • Increased enzyme activities
  • As a sanitizer and disinfectant in cleaning water for birds.
  • It promotes the growth of various good bacteria and one of which is lactobacillus which secretes lactic acid and in turns maintains the pH more on the acidic side and prevents the growth of bad bacteria
  • Improved antibody immune response
  • Zero resistance and withdrawal period