The kidney serves a variety of functions in the body apart from the primary function to maintain the chemical composition of body fluids. Removal of metabolic nitrogenous waste (uric acid) and toxic products is the among the most important task performed by the avian kidneys. Renal dysfunction decreases the clearance of uric acid from the blood leading to precipitation and deposition of insoluble products (urates). This condition is called gout in poultry, which is a clinical manifestation of severe renal dysfunction that causes hyperuricemia and urolithiasis, resulting in renal failure.

Chickens are more prone to gout due to uricotelic mechanism for excretion of nitrogenous waste and lack the enzyme uricase in the system. There are many predisposing factors (both infectious and non-infectious) that are attributed for out breaks of gout in poultry, such as-

  • High protein diet
  • Vitamin A deficiency
  • High calcium level in the feed
  • Exposure to mycotoxins / nephrotoxins in feed
  • Infectious diseases of kidney like Infectious Bronchitis, Avian Nephritis, etc.
  • Not enough water in the diet (dehydration)

NEPHRONOVA is a unique combination of nephromodulators, gout preventing herbs, and diuretics specifically designed for flushing out the urate depositions and restoring the uric acid metabolism. It also initiates a rapid rejuvenation of the renal tissues and reduces the losses caused due to gout.

Salient Features

  • Helps to prevent visceral and articular gout
  • Prevents early chick mortality due to gout
  • Helps in excretion of uric acid from the body
  • Maintains optimal kidney health & natural diuretics
  • Removes metabolic waste and excess water & washes out toxins
  • Increases immunity and prevents formation of calculi