A taste and flavor enhancer at its best: Spray Dried Lemon Powder (40%)

A taste and flavor enhancer at its best: Spray Dried Lemon Powder  (40%)

For years lemon is being used as one of the best refreshment elements in various drinks. It also enhances the taste of every food item. It is responsible to make everything delicious with its own unique flavor and aroma.

There are wide varieties of lemon available in the market. For the food industries, there are lemon powders as a replacement for the whole lemon. It is nothing but your actual lemon in a powdered form.
Lemon powder is a quick solution in case there are no lemons available or if you want a convenient way to bring lemon flavor instantly without any mess. The most important advantage is that you don’t have to give pain to hands squeezing them and making hands sticky. Just take it mix it and get the original flavor right there.

Healthy Food to Increase Your Immune System

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Healthy Food

In today’s world, it is very easy to get infected by various types of virus and bacterial infections and get yourself sick. We cannot avoid the sudden illness or infections caused but surely we can boost our immune system which will make our body sustain in such unfavourable conditions.

What should one do to boost the immune system?
The answer is in the diet and the food items that you consume. Intake of some of the food items having ingredients like various proteins, fibers, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and other health-beneficial elements. Some food ingredients have the capability which strengthens your ability to fight against any disease or viral and thus save your life.

Below are some of the sources that you should consume as immune boosters such as garlic, ginger, blueberries, turmeric, dark chocolates, oily fishes, broccoli, spinach, sweet potato, green tea, sunflower seeds, almonds, oranges, kiwi fruit, oats, chicken, eggs, beans, whole grains, brown rice, yogurt, caffeinated beverages, processed food and many others which are very easy to get in your daily life routine. Acquiring some other habits or improvements in lifestyle can also increase the immunity power such as avoid smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, doing exercise, avoid alcohol drinking, get enough sleep, maintaining good oral hygiene, and washing hands. Simply you should prefer edibles having contents like vitamin c, vitamin e, zinc, carotenoids, and omega 3 fatty acids. We at Vinayak Ingredients are providing the best quality fruit and vegetable powders and colorants containing almost all of the necessary health-enhancing elements. For more visit us at www.vinayakcorporation.com.

Eat Healthy… Stay Immune..!


Veggies Food

According to a survey around 95% of the people around the world are having problems.Mostly it is because of the consumption of unhealthy and non nutritious food such as various cold/sugary drinks, most pizzas, white bread, and gluten free/low crab junk foods, without knowing its content.
It is found that most of the killer diseases are related to the cardiovascular problems generally caused due to the unhealthy diet.Over some years of period studies has found just 4.3% people to have no health problems.

To increase this percentage of healthiness one should look after his/her diet and try to consume the organic and natural food as it has low sugar content, high in fiber, more nutritious and helpful to cure health related problems.Yes, one cannot focus to eat such food regularly due to their hectic schedule and shortage of time. Thus you can move towards the food having natural ingredient contents in the food.Contents can be in the form of any Food colors, Flavouring agents, Sweeteners, Preservatives, Fillers, Binders, Lubricants, Antioxidants, Humectants, Coating agents, Buffering Agents in
various food industries like Dairy, Bakery, Beverages, Confectionary and Pharmaceuticals etc.
More people are moving totally towards the consumption of natural, herbal and quality food which results to the healthy diet and thus healthy lifestyle.
An industrial application of all natural food additives and ingredients can embed a good reputation and demand of products in the market and thus increase the brand name and values.
Invest in Naturals..!!

Annatto color origin, uses and benefits

Annatto Food Color

Annatto is a Natural food colour obtained from outer layer of seeds of tropical tree bixa orellana. It is an orange-red condiment usually used to impart yellow or orange color with aroma to food industries like bakery, dairy, savory, beverages,spices, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and more.

The origin of annatto is in the tropical regions from Mexico to Brazil. With its culinary usage it is also used in the cosmetics to treat various skin problems. Due to its extraordinary antioxidant, anticancer, antimicrobial properties and also helps in curing eye and heart related problems. Availability of this colour is in variety of concentrations as needed and in both liquid and powdered form, both in oil and water soluble. With all its rich characteristics and properties it is considered as the liable food additive in the natural food colour segment.
Go Healthy …Go Natural…!!

High in demand herbal flavoring and Aromatic Compound

peppermint tea - spearmint tea

This is the well known herb that grows mostly in the moist environments more in the tropical areas. The species that makes up the genus Mentha can be found in various environments also growing 10 to 120 cm tall and grows all year round.

Mints are mostly aromatic compounds growing more than two years. They have wide spreading branched steams with dark green leaves. As there are number of species almost 3000 names have been published in genus mentha

For the commercial cultivation the most popular known mints are Peppermint (Mentha Piperita), Native Spearmint also known as common mint and lamb mint (Mentha Spicata), Scotch Spearmint (Mentha Gracills), Corn Mint (Mentha Arvensis), Apple Mint (Mentha Suaveolens).

On the commercial side they are available in the forms of Essential oils, Powders and Crystals as in the name of Menthol Crystals having wide range of applications in the Culinary, Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceuticals Industries. They are used in various consumer goods such as Antiseptic, Chocolates, Candies, Alcoholic Beverages, Juices, Desserts, Herbal Medicines, Face wash, Toothpaste and much more.

They have certain health benefits as they are Rich in Nutrients, Help in digestion, Masks Bad breath, Could improve brain function and reduce breast feeding pain, Treats Asthma, . There are more benefits such as this and has no side effects if consumed in limits as it is totally natural. Using mint gives out a coolant effect as it has its own aroma and flavour which enhances the taste and other sensory properties of a certain product.

The flavour that you can have moreover..!!