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Carrots are an excellent example of a versatile ingredient. This root vegetable has many uses as a product component, and not just to add a distinctive bite of flavor. Carrots, especially the powder made from vegetables, can add essential nutrients and even shelf life to a variety of products.

Product Features:

Carrot powder has all the flavor and nutritional benefits of carrots in an easy-to-use form. Our product is a concentrated, spray-dried powder powder of carrot.

It is an Orange-red colored powder with a minimum shelf life of 2 years.

Our carrot powder is rich in fiber and also a great source of many phytonutrients such as Beta carotene, Alpha-carotene, Anthocyanin, Lycopene, Lutein, and polyacetylene. All in all, it is loaded with nutrition.


Carrot Powder has a mild, sweet, and slight pepper flavor. It blends with sauces, mayonnaise, pastes and many more. It is also used as a flavoring agent in pasta.

It is used as a natural coloring agent for baked foods.

Carrot powder is a nutritional, convenient option as an added ingredient. It can be a healthy addition to any diet.

It is extremely easy-to-use and stable powder. With the flavor and nutritional benefits of the original vegetable, Carrot Powder makes a valuable addition to your next product.

Our expertise lies in providing custom-made solutions as per your specific requirements, like variations in powder size, %concentration, solubility, or color.
List of Vegetable Powders:
Common Applications:
Soup Mixes Curries Baby Food
Gravies Flavour Powders Seasonings

Vinayak Ingredients India is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Carrot Powder, for enquiries please contact us at the details mentioned below: sales@vinayakcorporation.com