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Vinayak’s Ecoflav Green chilli powder is the result of drying freshly picked green chilli peppers, removing the stems, and then grinding them into a powder. It is widely used in dry soups mixes, stuffing mixes, fast foods, sauces, food preparations and vegetable mixes.
Ecoflav Green chilli powder is known for its extended shelf life and spicy taste.

Product Features:

Our Ecoflav Green Chilli Powder is green in colour and has a 12-month shelf life when stored properly.

It is spicy in taste, it is a Free-flowing Powder, and Soluble in Water.

It has the pungency of green chilli intact and can be replaced with green chilli in all preparations.

Ecoflav Green chilli powder is known for its extended shelf life and spicy taste.


Ecoflav Green Chilli Powder has a wide range of applications. It makes excellent queso, macaroni and cheese. It can be used to make green enchilada sauce or add to stews and braises. Also makes a great dry rub for meat.

Green chili imparts a sweet, roasted quality which enhances your gastronomic experience with a mild heat. It can be used as a rub, in soups, or as a seasoning.

Green chillies are said to be more healthy as compared to red chili powder. Due to a considerable proportion of beta-carotene, green chillies help in maintaining the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and also help in boosting immunity.

Green chilli helps in burning calories and speed up metabolism, therefore aids in weight loss.

List of Vegetable Powders:
Common Applications:
Soup Mixes Curries Baby Food
Gravies Flavour Powders Seasonings

Vinayak Ingredients India is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Green Chilly Powder, for enquiries please contact us at the details mentioned below: sales@vinayakcorporation.com