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Watercress is part of the Brassicaceae family, it is a dark, leafy green that grows in natural spring water. Watercress is low in calories but packs a vast array of nutrients.

Watercress is packed with plant compounds called antioxidants that protect against cell damage caused by free radicals, which are harmful molecules that lead to oxidative stress.

Watercress Powder is also a rich source of Vitamin C and beta carotene, K1 which contributes to blood clotting, lutein and zeaxanthine. It is also rich in B vitamins and the minerals calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus.

Product Features:

Vinayak’s Ecoflav Watercress Powder is green in color. It is Free-flowing Powder and Soluble in Water.

It is gluten-free, non-GMO, and is suitable for use in Dietary Supplements, Nutritional bars, Beverages, Powder Drink Mixes, Cereals.


Watercress Powder is widely used as a culinary spice and often added in preparations of soups and salads.

Because watercress is also abundant in vitamins A and C, folic acid, calcium and iron, the powdered herb is typically encapsulated as a dietary supplement.


Watercress Powder is rich in vitamin C, which supports your immune system, helps you heal from injuries, and supports healthy collagen production. Watercress is full of beta-carotene and other carotenoids, which are known for being potent antioxidants.

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