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Vinayak Ingredients (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. Was established in 1977 as one of the first Menthol producers in India, soon we ventured into the arena of food coloring and flavoring agents.Our company focuses and believes in use of Ingredients of natural origin and envisions to replace all chemical origin raw materials with eco-sustainable natural solutions.Following the same path we developed Ecoflav, Ecocol and Esiol which are our solutions for Natural flavors, Natural colors and standardized Essential oils respectively. Vinayak intends on minimizing its foot print on the environment and inculcates the same values in its operations.In 1992 we embarked in the world

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FOOD ADDITIVES: NATURAL FOOD COLORS | Anthocyanin | Annatto | Beetroot | Caramel | Carmine | Chlorophyll | Curcumin | Paprika |
SYNTHETIC FOOD COLORS Primary Food Colors | Quinoline Yellow W.S | Tartrazine | Sunset Yellow FCF | Erythrosine | Ponceau 4R | Allura Red | Carmoisine | Amaranth | Chocolate Brown HT | Brilliant Blue FCF | Patent Blue V | Indigo Carmine | Black PN | Fast Red E | Green S | Red 2G
BLENDED FOOD COLORS | LAKE FOOD COLORS | Lake Quinoline Yellow| Lake Tartrazine | Lake Sunset Yellow FCF | Lake Erythrosine | Lake Ponceau 4R | Lake Allura Red | Lake Carmoisine | Lake Amaranth | Lake Chocolate Brown HT | Lake Brilliant Blue FCF | Lake Indigo Carmine
NATURAL FLAVOUR POWDERS: FRUIT POWDERS | Strawberry Powders | Orange Powders | Mango Powders | Apple Powders| Pineapple Powders | Lemon Powders | Banana Powders | Papaya Powders | Pomegranate Powders | Watermelon Powders | Guava Powders | Custard Apple Powders | Amla Powders | Sapota (Cheeku) Powders
VEGETABLE POWDERS: Tomato Powders | Tamarind Powders | Garlic Powders | Onion Powders | Spinach Powders | Carrot Powders | Ginger Powders | Mint Powders | Green Chilly Powders | Coriander Powders
NATURAL FLAVOR ENHANCERS: HVP / Menthol & Essential Oils: Menthol and Peppermint Oil | Other Essential Oils
FEED ADDITIVES: Mycotoxin Solutions | Vin Biotox | Vintoxo | Pelleting Solutions: Vincon | AGP Replacers: Herbofloxin | Biosecurity Controls: Essentiolitt Poultry | Essentiolitt Pig | Essentiolitt Cattle | Essentiolitt I | Nutrisupportive Solution: Kifay | Hepatovin
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