Synthetic Food Colour

Synthetic Food Colours, also known as artificial food colors are processed & manufactured chemically. As a leading manufacturer Food Colours domain, we offer our customers a wide range of Synthetic Colors to domestic and international markets. Synthetic Colours are mostly applicable as dyes in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

We provide colors which are specifically customized according to customers requirements, based on their end use and nature of the final product.
Types of Synthetic Food Colors:

Primary Food Colours – Primary Food Colours are water soluble, and exhibit coloring power when dissolved. Our food colors have high utilitarian value & vastly used dyes in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic & various other industries. These primary food colors are in accordance with the international food quality standards.

 Quinoline Yellow – Quinoline Yellow, a bright yellow dye with green shade. We provide excellent quality Quinoline Yellow Food Colours. These food colors are process by making use of high grade ingredients keeping in mind the quality norms.
 Carmoisine – Carmoisine, a red to maroon shade in applications, is admired for its usage in cold beverages, ice cream, sweat meat and allied. We are an unparalleled name in offering a wide gamut of Carmoisine Color.
 Tartrazine – Tartrazine, a synthetic lemon yellow azo dye, used wide variety of foods including desserts and candies, soft drinks, condiments, and breakfast cereals. Our customers across the globe vouch for our quality, reliability and service.
 Erythrosine – Erythrosine gives a pink to reddish pink shade in applications, is commonly used in candies, popsicles and cake-decorating gels. Our color pigments are widely appreciable in adding attraction to different products.

Blended Food Colours – Blended colors are obtained from mixing different primary and secondary colors either independently or with one another. The resultant colors are unique in color property and provide a different feel to products.

 Egg Yellow Blended Colours – Used for Food, Tablets, Syrups & Beverages. At VIPL we offer a wide range of Egg Yellow Blended Color.
 Dark Chocolate Blended Colours – Used for Food Flavorings, Dairy Products, Bakery Items, Cosmetics and Soft Drinks. It is an essential food coloring ingredient across the world.
 Apple Green Blended Colours –  Used for esters, hydrocarbon solvent, paraffin wax, candles, and soap kind of coloring. Clients can avail Orange Red Color in diverse quantities at market leading prices.
 Coffee Brown Blended Colours – VIPL provides wide range of blended food colours which includes coffee brown.

Lake Food Colours – Lake Colors are used where dyes are not suitable due to their solubility in water. Lake Colours are bright, consistent and useful in industries like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, inks, plastic food containers etc

 Lake Quinoline Yellow – Quinoline Yellow Lake, a food additive is popularly used across various industries and is available at reasonable prices. It is available in Powder Form and is evenly soluble in variety of liquids.
 Lake Tartrazine – Lake Tartrazine is used both in commercial food production and in domestic cooking. It is an active ingredient of various food products like custards, cereals, ice creams, beverages and confectionery items.
 Lake Sunset Yellow FCF – VIPL has achieved success in manufacturing and supplying Lake Sunset Yellow FCF in the market. It is great value in Pharma, Cosmetics, Cereals, Beverages and other industries.
 Lake Erythrosine – A cherry pink / red synthetic coal tar dye used as pigments for surface coating, capsules, dry snacks in food packaging material etc.