Menthol & Peppermint Oil

Menthol & Peppermint Oil

Manufactured by extraction of menthol from menthol oil. The oil is chilled to a temperature of -40°C to separate the menthol, which is later crystallized by slow cooling. These crystals are available in the following two grades and confirm to IP/BP/USP/JP/FCC-III standards.

Menthol Large Crystals
Menthol Small Crystals

Menthol Terpeneless Crystals
Terpeneless crystals are made by the fractional distillation of menthol oil. The distilled oil yields pure menthol as a fraction, that is gradually cooled and crystallized. These crystals are available in the following two grades and confirm to IP/BP/USP/JP/ FCC-III standards.

Menthol Small Crystals

Specifications for Menthol

Other Name1-Methyl-4-isopropyl cyclohexane-3-ol
Molecular Weight156.27
DescriptionColourless crystals with a refreshing mint odour
SolubilityVery soluble in Alcohol and slightly in water
TasteCool sensation in mouth, characteristic mint flavour
Acidity / AlkalinityNeutral to Litmus solution
AnalysisVC     USP     BP     JP     FCC-III     IP
Melting Point (°C )42 to 44   41 to 44   41 to 44   42 to 44   42 to 44   41 to 44
Optical Rotation-49° to -50°  -49° to -50°  -49° to -50°  -49° to -50°  -49° to -50°  -49° to -50°
Non-volatile matter0.05%   0.05%   0.05%   0.05%   0.05%   0.05%
Menthol (not less than)99.70%   97.00%   Not Specified   98.00%   Not Specified   Not Specified
JP – Japanese PharmacopoeiaVIPL – Vinayak Ingredients Pvt Ltd
USP – United States PharmacopoeiaFCC-III Food Codex (American Food Grade)
BP – British PharmacopoeiaIP – Indian Pharmacopoeia
Specifications for Peppermint Oil (Ex. Mentha Arvinses)
DescriptionColourless or pale yellow liquid with a refreshing mint odour.
Solubility1 ml dissolves in 4 ml of 70% alchohol
TasteCool Sensation in mouth and characteristic mint flavour
Acidity / AlkalinityNeutral to Litmus Solution
Specific Gravity0.900g – 0.916g
Optical Rotation-10° to -30°
Refractive Index1.460 – 1.467
Fixed Oils and FatsNegative
L-Menthol Content37% – 40%
Total Menthol ContentNot less than 50%
This Oil is available in various blends depending on the requirement of the user.
Menthol Crystals & Peppermint Uses
CategoryProductsSuggested Dosage
Oral ProductsToothpaste
Oral sprays
1.0% -2.0%
Pharmaceutical ProductsDrugs
Compresses Medicated Oils
Analgesic balms
Rubbing Alcohol
0.1% – 0.2%
2.0% – 4%
2.0% – 3%
1.0% – 1.2%
Confectionery GoodsChewing Gum
Hard Candies
Cough Drops
0.05% – 0.1%
0.05% – 0.1%
Tobacco GoodsRegular Cigarettes
Menthol Cigarettes
0.1% – 0.2%
Weak Effect
Pipe Tobacco
Chewing Tobacco
 0.2% – 0.45%
Strong Effect
0.05% – 0.1%
Perfumed ProductsLotions
Pre-shave Lotions
Foot Sprays
Refreshing Towels
Cooling Gels
0.2% – 0.3%
0.1% – 0.2%
0.2% – 0.5%
Peppermint OilsMenthol Crystals and its derivatives can also be added to various peppermint oil compositions to enhance the cooling and refreshing effects, like perfumes, Eau De Toilettes, Deodorants, etc.
Menthol CrystalsMint Oil
Insulation is provided by the inner covering of Thermocol and the crystals itself are packed in two polythene bags. Packed 25 Kilograms net in a fibre Drum 1FCL contains 360 drums of total net weight 9000 Kilograms.Packed 180 Kilograms net in Galvanized Iron Drums. 1FCL contains 80 drums of total net weight 14400 Kilograms

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