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Chlorophyll is the most widely distributed natural plant pigment, present in all green leafy vegetables & widely used as colouring matter for various food items. Chlorophyll is an oil-soluble colour that can be extracted from a range of green leaves, but usually, grass, nettles or alfalfa is used. Chlorophyllin is obtained by the coppering of chlorophyll following its alkaline hydrolysis. This is a water-soluble colour and provides a green/blue to yellowish-green colour. The improved stability and brightness of copper chlorophyllin lead to its much wider use than chlorophyll as a food colour.
Product Forms Available – Powder and liquid

Chlorophyll E 141 (i) is obtained by replacing magnesium with copper.

Alternative Names/ Forms: Chlorophyllin, Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin, Magnesium Chlorophyll.

E-Number: E140/ E141

C. I. No. : 75810/75815

Strength: 1 – 95%

Form: Liquid & Powder

Application: Typical applications for chlorophylls include confectionery, instant food, soft drinks, soups, beverages, soaps, cosmetics, ice cream, jellies, desserts, beverages, dairy products, fruit preparation, bakery products, sauces, snack food, seasonings, and convenience food.

Chlorophyll Colour Shades

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