Chlorophyll Food Colour

Chlorophyll Food Colour

Chlorophyll is the most widely distributed natural plant pigment, present in all green leafy vegetables & widely used as colouring matter for various food items. Chlorophyll is an oil soluble colour that can be extracted from a range of green leaves, but usually grass, nettles or alfalfa is used. Chlorophyllin is obtained by the coppering of chlorophyll following its alkaline hydrolysis. This is a water soluble colour and provides a green/blue to yellowish green colour. The improved stability and brightness of copper chlorophyllin leads to its much wider use than chlorophyll as a food colour.
Product Forms Available – Powder and liquid

Chlorophyll E 141 (i) is obtain by replacing magnesium with copper.

Alternative Names/ Forms: Chlorophyllin, Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin, Magnesium Chlorophyll.

E-Number: E140/ E141

C. I. No. : 75810/75815

Strength: 1 – 95%

Form: Liquid & Powder

Application: Instant food, Soft Drinks, Soups, Beverages, Soaps, Cosmetics, Ice Cream, Jellies.

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