Chlorophyll Food Colour

Chlorophyll is extracted from plants and chemically modified by replacing the magnesium with copper. Copper Chlorophyllin is obtained by the coppering of chlorophyll following its alkaline hydrolysis.

Chlorophyll E 140 (i) is derived from grass, alfalfa and nettles. It is oil soluble.

Chlorophyll E 141 (ii), Sodium Chlorophyllin, and Sodium Copper Chlorophyllinit is obtained by alkaline hydrolysis of E 140 (i) (Oil soluble form). It is water soluble.

Chlorophyll E 141 (i) is obtain by replacing magnesium with copper.

Alternative Names/ Forms: Chlorophyllin, Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin, Magnesium Chlorophyll.

E-Number: E140/ E141

C. I. No. : 75810/75815


Application: Instant food, Soft Drinks, Soups, Beverages, Soaps, Cosmetics, Ice Cream, Jellies.

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