ZYMoff - blend of organic acids

It is a feed acidifier targeted to eliminate the colonization of pathogenic bacteria in the gut of poultry. ZYMoff targets salmonella and E.coli and controls the shedding of the same in the droppings. It also potentiates the growth of favorable micro flora in the gut by providing selective support as nutrients to these bacteria. ZYMoff acts as a growth promoter by improving profit parameters in birds. It consists of a blend of medium chain fatty acids along with herbal extracts that weaken the bacterial cell wall for optimum penetration. All acidifying agents used in ZYMoff are non-corrosive and remain stable during pelleting.

Mechanism of ZYMOFF

ZYMoff is a blend of organic acids which uses selected herbal components for increasing cell wall permeability of pathogens to disrupt the enzyme systems required for survival, thus resulting in a bacteriostatic and bactericicidal effect. Coated elements as a part of the composition ensure the product penetration to a lower GIT of monogastric Livestock.

Product Characteristics

Appearance : Off White powder
Odour : Characteristic odour

Dosage of ZYMOFF

• To be used as 250 g per ton of feed

Shelf Life of ZYMOFF

• 24 Months

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