VINTOXO-Clay based toxin binder

Vintoxo is our proprietary blend of clay based (HSCAS) toxin binder intended for mycotoxicosis prevention in the feed. Vintoxo has a good spectrum for toxin binding and efficiently binds Aflatoxins and ochratoxins. Vintoxo has zero anti nutritional effect and does not interact with digestibility or absorption of nutrients in feed.

Features & Benefits of Vintoxo

• Zero Micronutirent Interaction
• Low Inclusion Rates
• Reducing Parasite Loads
• Improved Feed Conversion
• Anti Inflammatory
• All Natural
• Heat Stable

Dosage of Vintoxo

• 1 – 2.5 Kg Per Ton

Usage of Vintoxo

• Mixed with Feed

Shelf Life of Vintoxo

• 24 Months

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