VinFly - A Fly Breeding Detergent For Caged Layer Poultry

Houseflies are no longer a mere nuisance but a menace to health of birds and humans. They continue to haunt the residents in localities adjoining the poultry facilities, especially caged layer farms and the problems have worsened as farm owners are unable to keep the flies under control. Since fly control measures relied almost exclusively on insecticides to limit their
populations, leading to its resistance and loss of efficacy; it has become extremely imperative to have a safe, sustainable, natural and effective solution to this problem.

The quest to understand the flyy life cycle in the pathogen rich poultry litter which could lead to novel control methods was the prime focus of our innovation. In the process, some key weaknesses were revealed in the developmental biology which were successfully utilized in controlling them. One promising avenue for wiping out flies is to prevent them from breeding. Our results had improved our understanding as to how this approach was an invaluable resource to curb fly outbreak.

The product works on a physical mode of action and kills only the fly larvae by its abrasiveness. The larvae during their movement and feeding on the treated substrate receive severe internal and external injuries. If by chance they survive the injury, they pupate and become deformed adults which are incapable of breeding. Hence breeding cycle is broken. The product also makes the treated substrate dry (with repeat applications in some cases) to a stage that makes it unattractive to flies for laying their eggs.

• Safe, Non-toxic, Non-chemical, Environment friendly
• No development of resistance
• Larval control of flies in breeding substrates
• Fly breeding deterent
• Reduction in odour and odourous compounds