Feed pellet binder

Vincon is our feed pellet binder used as a customizable solution based on livestock feed formulation.

It is clay based pelleting system with different selective value additions made on the basis of pelleting process, pelleting machinery, feed ingredients and pellet characteristics required by the customer. Vincon uses a special blend of clays which provide the necessary viscosity, binding, feed conditioning and die lubrication to make an ideal pellet. All ingredients used in Vincon are inert and do not create food aversions in livestock. Vincon can be modified as per pelleting issues of the customer to provide optimum durability, hardness and mash conversion to reduce fines.

Product Description

Specially selected aluminosilicate based pellet binder that results in increase pellet durability and optimum mash to pellet conversion.

Each 100g contains

Clay (Bentonite)………..45g
Hydrated Sodium……..

Features & Benefits of Vincon

• Feed conditioning
• Improve feed handling
• Lower amperage and energy cost
• Improves production rate
• Improve pellet quality
• Improve strain resistance
• Reduce cracks and transport and storage breakage
• Reduce feed wastage
• Reduce pellet mill wear
• Anti-oxidant effect

Product Characteristics

Appearance: Brown coloured fine powder
Odour: Characteristic odour

Dosage of Vincon

• To be used as 2.5 kg – 10 kg added per ton of finished mass meant for pelleting.

Shelf Life of Vincon

• 36 Months

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