A natural alternative for replacing synthetic choline chloride in feed

Natural Source of Conjugated Choline.


VinCholine, “a natural alternative for replacing synthetic choline chloride in feed “.

It is a standardized combination of carefully and scientifically selected phytochemicals. The phytogenic active conjugates of choline in VINCHOLINE have intrinsic bio-activities on liver physiology and metabolism and ensures maximum bioavailability.

It also contains essential fatty acids, phospholipids and other metabolites which play significant role in metabolism, enzymatic modulation and biosynthesis of natural form of choline.

Adverse effects of choline chloride are

  • Choline Chloride is very poorly absorbed from G.I. tract and hence less bioavailable.
  • Around (2/3) of synthetic choline chloride gets converted into trimethylamine (TMA) in the body, which is toxic and confers fishy taint in eggs.
  • It is highly hygroscopic, so it enhances oxidative destruction of other vitamins and amino acids in the premix or diets

And the unique features and benefits of vincholine over choline Chloride are

  • Non-hygroscopic.
  • A natural source of conjugated choline, highly bioavailable and stable.
  • It promotes of an optimal mobilization of lipids, which prevent fatty liver syndrome.
  • Best option to include in vitamin/mineral premix due to its non-corrosive characteristics.
  • High stability due to esterification, compatible with pelleting, extrusion and expansion.
  • Does not increase mili-equivalent chlorine levels in animal feed formulations.
  • Low inclusion rate.
Broilers and Breeders 250-350g/ton of feed
Growers, layers, Chicks & turkey 100-400g/ton of feed
Calves and Cows 150-500g/ton of feed
Swine 100-400g/ton of feed
Aqua species 350-750g/ton of feed
Packaging : 25kg Kraft bag

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