Choline is a vitamin‐like feed supplement. It’s an essential structural component for synthesizing phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin, two major phospholipids vital for cell membranes. In addition, choline is needed to produce acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter for muscle control, nervous system functions.

Sometimes birds are supplemented with inappropriate feeding, mycotoxin, excessive calorie, or calcium deficiency resulting to develop fay liver syndrome (FLS). Thus leads to a decrease in production and performance, development of various pathological conditions and economic loss to farmers.

VinCholine, is a “natural source of Choline” which can replace synthetic choline in the feed. The phytogenic active conjugates of choline in VinCholine have intrinsic bio‐actives on liver physiology and metabolism and ensure maximum bioavailability. The essential fay acids, phospholipids and other metabolites play a significant role in metabolism, enzymatic modulation, and biosynthesis of the natural form of choline.

Biological Importance

  • Growth retardation and persons result from choline deficiency in poultry
  • It is a metabolic essential for building and maintaining cell structure (phosphatidylcholine)
  • Choline plays an essential role in fat metabolism in the liver
  • Choline is essential for the formation of acetylcholine (Neurotransmier)
  • Choline is a source of labile methyl groups (Methyl donor)
  • Methyl groups for DNA synthesis (Transduction)


It is used for maintaining optimum mobilization of hepatic fat and transportation of lipids from the liver to adipose tissue, preventing it from developing fay liver syndrome (FLS).


  • Increases bioavailability of phosphatidylcholine and PUFA
  • Direct target base action
  • Improve in egg production, hatchability, and livability
  • It also improves utilization of a high energy diet, together with beer FCR and growth
  • Does not produce toxic TMA
  • 100% Natural, organic and contains no substances hazardous to health