Vin Yellow natural pigment

Vin-Yellow is a natural pigment used in poultry feed for broiler skin and egg yolk pigmentation. Vin‐Yellow is obtained from marigold flower extract, mixing with a suitable carrier, resulting in a free flowing powder with standardized activity.

Features & Benefits
  • The free xanthophylls improve the absorbance ratio of intestine of poultries up to 90%.
  • Vin-Yellow will be absorbed through the intestine to blood and preferentially deposited in Laying hens ‘ovarian and Broilers’ skin, fat & tissue.
Active Ingredients

A combination of marigold extract (Xanthophyll), Calcium carbonate and Ethoxyquin.


Supplement of Vin‐Yellow to poultry diet, get beer Yellow color in the egg yolk of laying hens and skin, fat & tissue of broiler chicken.

Egg yolk color enhancement.

Broiler skin color enhancement.

Dosage for Laying Poultry

Vin‐Yellow – 3 to 15 g per ton of feed

Dosage for Broiler Poultry

Vin‐Yellow – 3 to 10 g per ton of feed


Mixed in feed


25 Kg Bag

Shelf Life of Vin-Yellow

24 Months

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