Vin Respiaid

Respiratory Tonic

A blend of thymol and organic acids emulsified for optimum efficacy to prevent respiratory ailments.

Mechanism of Vin Respiaid

Vin respiaid is a respiratory tonic which uses standardized hydrophilic compounds of natural origin to act as a complete antioxidant. Vinrespiaid improves respiratory efficiency by acting as oxidative stress reducer, improving oxygenation of

Active Ingredients :
It is a combination of Adhatoda Vasica, Thymol, Ocimum sanctum and Organic acids.

Features and Benefits of Vin Respiaid

  • Improve Body Condition.
  • Improves Immunity.
  • Water Disinfection.
  • Improves FCR.
  • Better Dressed Weightes


• 1 litre per 1000 litre of drinking water


• Mixed with drinking water

Shelf Life
• 24 Months

• 1 ltr, 5 ltr

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