Natural pigment used in poultry feeds

Vin‐Red is a natural pigment used in poultry feeds for broiler skin and egg yolk pigmentaon. Vin‐Red is obtained from Paprika extract, mixing with a suitable carrier, resulng in a free flowing powder with standardized acvity.

Features & Benefits
  • The free xanthophylls cartenoids improve the absorbance ratio of intestine of poultries up to 90%
  • Vin-Red will be absorbed through the intestine into the blood and preferentially deposited in Laying hens ‘ovarian and Broilers’ skin, fat & tissue
Active Ingredients

A combination of Paprika extract (Xanthophyll), Calcium carbonate and Ethoxyquin


Supplement of Vin‐Red to poultry diet, get beer Orange to Red color in the egg yolk of laying hens and skin, fat & tissue of broiler chicken.

Dosage for Laying Poultry

VIN‐Red – 3 to 15 g per ton of feed

Dosage for Broiler Poultry

VIN‐Red – 3 to 10 g per ton of feed


Mixed in feed


25 Kg Bag

Shelf Life of Vin-Red

24 Months

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