Contract Manufacturing

Vinayak Ingredients Private Limited’s Third Party Contract Manufacturing – WHY, WHAT AND HOW

Cutting costs and providing customers with the best products possible is always a concern for the companies. If you are trying to reduce the amount of money you spend on manufacturing processes of feed additives, you may need to consider third party contract manufacturing. Businesses today thrive by focusing on what they do best and leaving the rest to other.

Third Party manufacturing seems to fit neatly into this practice. In addition to allowing companies to focus on core competencies, contract manufacturers offer numerous other advantages over in-house manufacturing, including lower costs, flexibility, access to external expertise and reduced capital.


We are the first and foremost choice of our esteemed clients because of the following reasons:
• State of the art manufacturing
• Product design support through qualified experts
• Qualitative range for different target groups (cattle, poultry, swine)
• On time delivery for distribution
• Affordable – Competitive prices
• International certifications – GMP, ISO 9001:2015, FAMI – QS, etc.

Our manufacturing unit complies with all international standards having strict quality control. Because of the meticulous and rigorous quality control and our endeavour to provide best of services to animal industry, our manufactured brands earn trust among all end users.


Product Portfolio
Under the supervision of experienced staff, we manufacture a wide range of supplements in solid dosage (powders, tablets, bolus) and liquid forms.

Our Animal Feed Supplement range includes:

Product range for poultry Product range for cattle Product range for swine
Mycotoxin Binders Live Yeast Culture with Probiotics Gut Management Products
Acidifiers Mycotoxin Management Products Anti-Diarrheal Probiotics
Prebiotics, Yeast cellwall Udder Management Products Saccharomyces boulardii
Wide range of Probiotics Silage Optimizing Additives
Nucleotide based Immunity Boosters Negative Energy Balance Correctors
Speciality Products (Fly Management) Chelated / Organic Mineral Mixtures
Chelated / Organic Mineral Mixtures Calf Growth / Immunity Boosters
Egg Quality Enhancers Fat Enhancers (Functional Fat Derivatives)
Enzyme Combinations

Our approach is to maintain the highest level of quality in our operational processes without making any compromises. We have built a comprehensive management system to address all typical processes involved like Quoting, Generating Sales Order and Work Order, Purchasing, Creation of Bill of Materials, Production Scheduling, Quality Assurance and Control, Dispatch and Transportation, etc. We actively execute all aspects from product development to production, quality management, packaging, and logistics. We take a systematic, ordered approach to every manufacturing project to ensure that the products conform to your specifications.

Our units are GMP, FSSAI, ISO 9001:2015 certified & FAMI – QS compliant and are well equipped with latest machineries and maintain high quality standards. We have a large inventory of test and measurement equipment that we use for both in-process and outgoing quality inspection.

Third Party Contract manufacturing has its benefits, but it also comes with its fair share of problems, if not sourced accurately. We believe that success in contract manufacturing is based on factors such as product quality, cost competitiveness, delivery schedule and also to prompt responsiveness to order and timely solution to query raised by clients. So, work with us for the perpetual benefits and save your time and energy.


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