Tendero - For Tender Meat & Tender Chicken

The occurrence of broiler meat abnormalities is linked to fast-growing rates of birds and their large breast muscles. Along with altered appearance, the muscles affected by the myopathy displays impaired texture properties and reduced nutritional value. This has a negative impact on the nutritional and sensorial characteristics of chicken meat. It is assumed that these abnormalities appear in all countries where fast-growing hybrids are used.

TENDERO is a unique combination of phytoactive compounds designed to inhibit the onset of muscle abnormalities or alleviate the severity of symptoms. It is an effective dietary supplement for broiler production systems that provides chicken meat-free of these abnormalities like woody breast, white striping, and spaghetti meat.

Mechanism of Actions

Since all these muscular abnormalities exhibit similar histological features, it is safely assumed that there is a common underlying mechanism responsible for their occurrence. Moreover, the chemical composition also displays differences like higher fat content and lower protein levels when compared to normal chicken meat.

The meat protein functionality is dependent on its amino acid composition, its three-dimensional structure and the complex myofibrillar architecture in the muscles. As an amino acid optimizer, TENDERO triggers the biochemical processes for higher protein accretion and beer protein composition that helps interact with the other biomolecules (lipids) and water to give beer quality traits in muscles. This leads to a lower severity of myopathies as a physiological response in the chickens.

Thus, to summarize in simple terms, TENDERO lowers the muscular (protein) degradation rate that leaves less space for fat deposition and fat mobilization in muscles.

Benefits and Features

  • Improved weight gain
  • Improved amino acid retention in the body
  • Reduced catabolic stress in birds
  • Reduction in meat abnormality
  • Improved nutritional value of meat