Tail Biting: A Disastrous Behavioral Vice in Swine

Factors yielding to financial losses:

Tail biting is considered one of the major financial and animal welfare issues within the commercial swine industries due to reduced weight gain, veterinary treatments, leanness, culling, feed intake, reproduction traits and carcass condemnation

What are the several reasons triggering the nuisance?
The studies ultimately yielded variable results due to the many factors of tail biting and the fact general solutions are not appropriate for all farms. Factors that can trigger tail biting commonly include feeding issues like competition for feed, water and high fat diets. Also, management practices are potential stressors like stocking density, temperature and ventilation regulation. 

Tail biting in pigs is an abnormal behavior whereby a pig uses its teeth to bite, chew or orally manipulate another pig’s tail. The severity ranges from light manipulation of the tail to physically harming the tail, causing infection, amputation or even harming areas surrounding the tail. 

In several countries, tail docking was a popular practice until animal welfare authorities condemned the mainstream trend and banned.  Since the vice has multiple origins, it is almost impossible to control. 

CalmaTrope – A healing touch for the uncontrollable aggressive behavior 

CalmaTrope is a specially designed supplement for vices like Tail, Ear, Flank, Vulva Biting caused by aggressive behavior. It is a combination of synergic herb extracts along with tryptophan, magnesium, vitamin E and C. Its diverse approach to deal with the condition makes it unique amongst all.

Stress induced adverse behavior is controlled by tryptophan which is a potent serotonin precursor (controls moods) and the combo of other active constituents have muscle relaxing and antioxidant properties. It helps in controlling anxiety, reduces plasma corticosteroids and neuro-muscular stimulation; allowing animals to feel calm and compose

CalmaTrope has large market in the biting prone areas. It is featured for its benefits like lower incidence of skin, shoulder and loin lesions; low carcass damage; drastic reduction in temperament. Safe and natural ingredients of CalmaTrope comply with feed and farming regulations. 

Feed recommendations

For Individual Supplementation: 0.1g per kg body weight per day (0.1/Kg Body weight/day)

For Feed Incorporation: 3-4 kg per MT of feed