Great development and production in poultry and different animals rely on good digestion. The digestive system needs legitimate care to guarantee best performance.

The animal gut gives the ability to development, growth and performance. As in other animal species, the avian gut is an unpredictable and delicate system, with particular prerequisites for peak functioning. Ideal gut health contributes towards better health, welfare and performance. However, accomplishing this requires keeping up a delicate and exact gut balance. Great nourishment, bio-security, ecological and health administration can make a major contribution.

Poor gut health brings about a compromised Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and sub-optimal growth rates. Since feed represents the largest part of running expenses for poultry producers, and as global feed costs keep on rising, ‘taking full advantage of every feast’ in poultry production has turned out to be significantly more essential. This is impractical without ideal gut health.

Poultry Gut

Both diet and disease play a vital part in the development and maintenance of the microstructure of the gut, which gives security against pathological substances, and additionally effective absorption of supplements. Inside the gut, the lining is finger-like projections called villi that give an expansive surface area to boost the absorption of supplements from food. Harm to or changes in this structure specifically can prompt a decrease in the gut range accessible for nutrient retention.

In addition, birds with poor gut health have a tendency to have a lower health status and are, therefore, susceptible to diseases, for example, coccidiosis – a disease that causes genuine misfortunes in the poultry industry. Reduced utilization of antibiotics in poultry and other animal production just developing, better health and immunity against disease has increased in significance for producers.

Aiming at safe, healthy and eco-sustainable poultry production, we at Vinayak Ingredients (India) Private Limited introduce one of our niche products with a brand name; “HERBOFLOXIN”– a blend of essential oils effective as a natural growth promoter. It is a non-antibiotic growth promoter because when birds are subjected to traditionally used antibiotics for a long time they tend to develop resistance for particular antibiotics and their effect is no longer seen in the control of bacterial infection in the birds. Also, these antibiotics produce certain resistance in humans who is consuming these poultry species. Wherewith our ‘non-antibiotic growth promoter- HERBOFLOXIN’ there are no chances of resistance development and also a withdrawal period which is necessary with the use of traditional antibiotic.

MOA: Herbofloxin contains phytoconstituents of antibacterial nature which target the pathogenic gut bacteria and maintain a slightly acidic pH. This slight decrease in the pH helps in colonization by gut commensals and resists pathogenic attachment to the gut wall. Thus improved gastrointestinal microclimate favors better digestibility and uptake of nutrients, increasing the weight of the birds.

Various other advantages of Herbofloxin are as follows:

  • Complete gut acidification and antibacterial action.
  • Improved egg quality and size.
  • Uniformity in weight of eggs in a particular batch of flocks.
  • Ease in the transportation of eggs of uniform weight, size and quality.
  • Improved FCR.

It is a complete natural growth promoter for poultry!