Spirulina Green

Spirulina Green

Spirulina is 100% natural and a highly nutritious plant. Spirulina grows naturally and organically in mineral-rich alkaline lakes or ponds. It contains nutrients, including B-complex vitamins, beta-carotene, vitamin-E, manganese, zinc, copper, iron, selenium, and gamma linolenic acid.


1. Cultivation: Spirulina can be grown in cement or plastic tanks of any convenient size; it is preferable if the tank size s about 10 x 5x 1.5 feet. About 1000 liter of water must be filled in the tank to a height of about one to two feet. Nutrients are added to the pond to get the optimum conditions for the algae to grow. To stimulate the photosynthesis the culture in the ponds is stirred several times a day.

2. Harvesting: When spirulina is fully grown in the pond, scooped up and filters the spirulina. The biomass which is collected is wash with water to remove the dirt.

3. Pressing: The fresh biomass is then passed through pressing machine to remove the excess water. Then spirulina become solid pest.

4. Drying: Finally the spirulina is sundried, due to the natural sun-drying process the spirulina take its natural flavor.

5. Plant Base Nutrients are used in the cultivation of spirulina.

6. No animal waste or by-products are used during the growing process, as no animal byproducts and inorganic substances are added it has very low heavy metal content.

7. Non-Genetically Modified Spirulina is used for the cultivation.

8. No-irradiation is used so no loss in nutrients.

Nutritional Value:
Values per 100 gm dried Spirulina Powder

Sr NoNamePercent
4.Minerals (ash)7%
8.Total Carotenoids0.19g
10.Vitamin B1216.4µg
11.Gamma Linolic Acid0.02g

Spirulina is a safe natural food with numerous health benefits, without any known side effects. Scientific evidence suggests that a daily intake of 1-5 grams results in significant health benefits.

Health Benefits:

1. Skin Treatment: Spirulina contain high percent of beta-carotene and superoxide dismutase which remove the color spot from skin and maintain skin resiliency. Gamma-linolenic acid can improve allergic dermatitis condition.

2. Obesity: Spirulina relieve hunger and adjust incretion disorder. It helps people to loss weight while keep them energetic at the same time. Phonylanine in spirulina satisfy appetite so they eat less.

3. Diabetes: Gamma-linolenic acid, zinc and magnesium in spirulina promote the synthesis of natural insulin.

4. Rheumatism: Gamma-linolenic acids in spirulina improve the rheumatism condition.

5. Anemia: Spirulina is rich in iron, provides oxygen to cells and which has the features of anti-oxidation, anti-inflaming and anti-aging.

6. Immune System Enhancer: Polysaccharide in spirulina is a natural broad spectrum booster for human immune system. It enhances human immune system by improving the productivity of marrow cells, functions of thymus and spleen; improve the synthesis of serum protein. Phycocyanin and allophycocyanin improve white blood cells production.

7. Anti-Aging Agent: Beta carotene, Vitamin E, Gamma-linolenic acid, superoxide dismutase have the anti-aging property.

8. Mother for babies: Spirulina is rich in lysine threonine and methionine it is helpful to not mother-milk- feeding babies. It provide sufficient amount of minerals, vitamin and protein, and prevent babies from deficiency of iron, calcium, and zinc protein etc.

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