Seasoning means to bring out or intensify the natural flavor of the food without changing it. Seasonings are usually added near the end of the cooking period. The most common seasonings are Chat Masala, Creamy Cheese, Lemon & Black Pepper, Magic Masala, Peri-Peri, Sweet & Sour Tamarind is delicious in taste, and reliable to consume. Seasoning & Ready Mix Spices which is used in all types of Puff & Extruded Snacks, Fryums, Potato Chips, Kurkure, Popcorn, Khakhra, Bhujias & Mixture of Namkeen. When seasonings are used properly, they cannot be tasted; their job is to heighten the flavors of the original ingredients.

We manufacturer top quality liquid & powder seasonings products to cater food processing industries across the globe. To rise as a top-notch global exporter by providing wide-range of high-quality seasonings and food ingredients under-one-roof and thereby enrich food with irresistible taste & aroma for the world to enjoy.

Alu Bhujia(Phudina) Lime Mint Coriander
American Chopsuey Magic Masala
BBQ Sizzling Manchurian
BBQ Smoke Masala Kurkure
Chat Masala Masala Onion
Chatpata Mexican Salsa
Cheese Garlic Bread Mirch Masala
Cheese Jalapeno Pepper Nacho Cheese
Chilli Garlic Nacho Cheese & Herbs
Chipotle Peri-Peri
Chocolate Caramel Phudina
Classic Sea Salt Pizza Oregano
Cream-N-Onion Salt-N-Vinegar
Creamy Cheese Schezwan
Flaming Hot Chilli Soya Magic
Green Chilli Sweet & Sour
Green Mango Sweet & Sour Tamarind
Herbal Thai Curry
Hing Jeera Thai Sweet Chilli
Imli Chutney Ready Mix Tomato Masala
Jalapeno Tomato Pepper Chilli
Khatti Meethi Imli Tomato Popcorn
Lemon & Black Pepper Tomato Seasoning
Lemon & Spice Tomato Spanish Tangy (Spicy)
Lemon Phudina Tomato Spanish Tangy (Sweet)

Application : Sauces, Snacks, powders or blends Seasonings, Ready Mix Spices, Puff & Extruded Snacks, Fryums, Puff & Extruded Snacks, Fryums, Potato Chips, Kurkure, Popcorn, Khakhra, Bhujias & Mixture of Namkeen.

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