The animal feed producers all over the world try to achieve better nutrient utilization and animal performance by optimal use of resources. Their most primary concern is improving the feed mill efficiency and production parameters in order to ensure profitability. The moisture retention in feed is an important indicator associated with feed weight variation which has great economic significance in today’s competitive environment.

Although initially, feed raw materials have an average moisture content of 12%, its hammer-mill-crushing, grinding and ingredient mixing stages let moisture evaporate and thereby decrease the initial moisture content often below 11%. The moisture content subsequently increases during the conditioning; however, the sprayed steam evaporates again while being cooled. As a result, the moisture content of the finished product is usually between 0.5 – 1% lower than the initial moisture content of the raw materials. This loss needs to be recovered to obtain 12% moisture in the finished feed.

RETENTIO is an effective option to improve moisture retention in the finished feed. It reduces the surface tension of water, allowing better penetration and improved distribution. The addition of RETENTIO ensures that the water is evenly distributed throughout the feed material and does not remain only on the surface of the particles.

The activated propionates in RETENTIO, has synergistic mould inhibiting properties which further assures long-lasting antifungal effects

  • Increases moisture retention and decreases process loss
  • Improves throughput per hour
  • Reduces power consumption
  • Ensures efficient utilization of steam
  • Efficient cooling of the product before bagging
  • Maintains pellet quality/integrity
  • Lowers dusting problems

Biosurfactants, Activated Propionates, and Humectants.

Direction for use
  • RETENTIO @ 100 g – 500 g in all types of pellet feeds.
  • (RETENTIO is to be added in 2 % of water / MT and then transferred to the feed mixture as per the process requirements.)