Respiratory disease frequently introduces itself with more than one bird sneezing. These birds can have a runny nose and foamy running eyes. In serious cases these birds can have swollen sinuses (displays as swelling around the eyes), quit eating and in extreme cases they die.


There are various predisposing factors for respiratory disease in chickens: as with any animal stress can bring about a hidden disease to show itself. This stress could be utmost temperatures and humidity, high stocking thickness, being transported, being taken to a poultry appear and new creatures being acquainted with a current/ established run. There are various number of pathogens required in respiratory disease in chickens. It is regularly the case that more than one pathogen is included; the most widely recognized ones are Mycoplasma gallisepticum, Infectious Bronchitis, ART (AvianRhinoTracheitis infection) and ILT (Infectious LaryngoTracheitis infection).

Besides chickens have a one of a kind respiratory system as compared to mammals. They have air sacs which are very thin and when viruses, for example, IB virus damage the cells of the trachea (windpipe) the birds can inhale in microorganisms which can cross the air sacs into the guts to bring about peritonitis.


The most ideal method for avoiding contamination of your birds is to minimize stress, guarantee the stocking density and ventilation are right and that you purchase in disease free birds from a trustworthy provider which has been isolated for no less than 3 weeks. If you breed your own particular birds and you have any continuous disease issues you can consider vaccination of your flock.