Problems of Indian Dairy Industry

Problems of Indian Dairy Industry - Vinayak IngredientsThe world’s largest milk producer and consumer of dairy products are in India, consuming almost 100% of its own milk production. Milk products are a major source of cheap animal protein and nutritious food to millions of people in the world. Small scale dairy farming is the main source of income for small and marginal farmers.

The matter of consideration is that most of our livestock are “underfed” and hence suffer from “Negative Energy Balance” which hampers the milk quality and quantity. The potential productivity of our livestock is constantly decreasing due to negative protein balance, negative water balance, negative vitamin balance and Negative mineral balance. These are some simple reasons as to why milk production per animal in India is low.

The huge demand of milk production is primarily the fallout of the dairy farming policy reflected in Operation Flood. Following the success of the dairy farming policy by The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) new and updated strategies has been implanted. Improvement in standard quality parameters for laboratory analyses of milk by dairy and food Industry has been set (protein, fat, carbohydrate, total solids, sugar, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals) for milk.

To overcome the poor quality issue in the dairy sector, feed supplement that can optimize the protein demand by improving the SNF in milk need to be focused. The maximum genetic potential capacity of animals can be explored at the cellular level, pulling more amino acids in protein synthesis. Accelerating the body translates process ultimately leading to increased protein content in milk.

Thus, in the nutshell higher the SNF, better the quality of milk criteria can be set for judging the milk quality.

In high yielding animals, during peak lactation period there is a constant demand of food that are rich source of amino acid which support the ongoing anabolic process in the body. It should prevent animals from negative energy balance, maintaining healthy immunity status, improve protein and enhance proper body development.

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