In recent years there is growing interest in the use of feed additives with immunomodulatory properties in intensive poultry production since today’s chickens are more susceptible to different infectious and metabolic diseases and exhibit a high mortality rate. Aer the removal of the sub-therapeutic use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) from animal nutrition in the European Union, the interest in natural feed additives with immunomodulatory properties have increased significantly.

Due to the growing demand for nutritional immunomodulators, we have designed NUCLEOVIN which provides specific nutrients to affect some aspects of immune function. NUCLEOVIN is a potential immunomodulator that contains nucleotides, vitamin C, and probiotics that can activate immune system responses. These bioactive components can be used either in the prophylactic/therapeutic approach or in the prevention/treatment of stress and microbial induced disorders.

Nucleotides are nature’s most important bioactive molecules that combine in a specific manner to control the biological reactions associated with all the life processes. The immunomodulatory effects of nucleotides on different types of immune responses have been confirmed in numerous in vitro and in vivo experiments. They play a major role in structural, energetic, and regulatory functions and are involved in almost all the advice of the cell. Because of their role in supporting and enhancing immunity, dietary nucleotides are the best alternative to trigger high performance.

Probiotics act by supporting the dynamic equilibrium of the intestinal microflora thereby reducing digestive problems and losses caused by nutrition. Numerous scientific trials and practical studies also corroborate the positive effects of probiotics.

Vitamin C is a relatively simple compound and all species of poultry exhibit the innate capacity to synthesize it in the kidneys. Inadequate biosynthesis of vitamin C is mainly due to the higher demand by modern commercial breeds under intensive conditions of management and disease control.


The immunostimulative efficacy of nucleotides, probiotics, and vitamin C has been thoroughly evaluated and successfully utilized by our company in diet supplementation. Their combination produces a greater than expected result to overcome multiple health complications. Hence, NUCLEOVIN is effective in many serious clinical situations even where multiple therapies have failed. Such a synergistic combination, with practically no side effects, can also be used to treat complex poultry challenges.

This novel combination influences many essential and diverse functions in the body, both directly or indirectly, and affects many physiological and commercial parameters of which most commonly observed ones are given below.

Immunosuppression – Multiple components in intensive poultry production like environmental temperature, diseases, toxicity, vaccination, forced molting, or improper nutrition results in stress that eventually leads to immunosuppression.

Heat Stress – Heat exposed birds lower their feed consumption to reduce the thermogenic effect, predisposing them to the disease.

Reproductive Performance – Fertility, hatchability, and egg production are severely affected by insufficient biosynthesis of vitamins and enzymes.


• Optimum reproductive performance – hatchability, fertility, embryo survival, and development, etc.

• Reduces immunological stress


• Improves eggshell thickness

• Minimizes toxin-related detrimental effects

• Enhances vaccine performance

• Heat and disease resistance


• Reduces mortality

• Accelerates growth performance


• Breeder birds: 4 – 5 weeks

• Layer birds: 2 – 3 weeks

• Chicks: First 14 days