Poultry Litter Amendment

Poultry Litter AmendmentPoultry litter is commonly made of wood shavings, sawdust or rice hulls.  Microbes convert uric acid and organic nitrogen in the bird’s excreta to ammonium. This ammonium can not only bind to litter but also dissolve in water. This ammonium is generally converted to ammonia in high pH (i.e. alkaline) and high temperature conditions. Ammonia thus produced affects the respiratory system of the birds, can act as eye irritant and can also reduce resistance to infections. The cascading effects of ammonia are observed at high concentrations whereby it decreases the feed efficiency and growth of birds while increasing mortality in birds.

The net result of all these effects is Economic loss to the farms.

To prevent this, Essentiolitt Poultry is a an effective poultry amendment system and a unique product that consists of essential oils and mixture of clays which works on the following principle

  • pH control
  • Microbial control
  • Nitrogen and Phosphorus optimisation
  • Odor control
  • Litter Bio-security
  • Litter Disinfectant
  • Zoonosis control

Essentiolitt Poultry is an effective ammonia binder that ensures bio-security of the farm thereby helping in achieving the desired economical benefits.

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