Swine producers across the world have larger liers these days due to improved genecs, beer nutrion, health and management facilies, etc. But the industry has not been so fortunate when it comes to increasing sow’s milk yield. It is a well-known fact that when lier size increases that total milk yield also increases, but not in a proporonal manner. As such, with each addional piglet per lier, milk intake per piglet decreases. Hence, from a commercial point of view, the piglet milk replacers have been designed to address this new problem in pig husbandry. Rearing orphan piglets away from a sow or motherless rearing is another area where milk replacers are used with great benefit as a last resort when foster sows are not available. However, this is not always feasible as there may not be enough foster sows or the piglets may be too old to be fostered when the problem arises. In these cases, compeon among piglets, for a limited supply of milk, becomes extremely strong and unless an external source of nutrients is provided, growth rate and survival are detrimentally affected. Under such circumstances, a liquid milk replacer is the ideal soluon, especially for very young piglets.

Description of the Product

Milk replacer based on skimmed milk powder with a high nutrient content Provides maximum growth Free-flowing powder Easily dissolved No residue Very tasty and palatable Great willingness to drink

Salient Features

• In the first two weeks are farrowing, PIGYLAC ensures a good start for all piglets in the lier

• If the sow dies, PIGYLAC can replace sow milk at the end of the colostrum period

• If the sow has poor milk yield, PIGYLAC ensures equalization of the lier

• If used as “weaning compound” for the first 2 weeks are weaning, it maintains the liquid supply of the piglets and facilitates the transion to dry feed

• It is also possible to mix 10-15% PIGYLAC into a farm-mixed compound. This ensures a piglet with a maximumcontent of digesble raw materials

• If used as top-dressing on top of purchased complete feed, a higher content of digesble raw materials is available. (To be dissolved in 45-55°C water and gets easily dissolved) .