Minerals packed liked nature's own

Minerals packed liked nature’s own


It is well known that trace minerals (Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Se, I) are required for normal functioning of all the biochemical processes in the birds. They are also part of numerous enzymes and are essential to maintain health and productivity. Adequate trace mineral levels guarantee optimal nutrition and their presence in the feed in proper quantities is always taken for granted. Hence, it is difficult to realize the impact of mineral imbalance unless the estimates are based on recommended optimum levels that promote productivity.

For proper mineral management, using chelated minerals is a better choice than the use of traditional mineral salts. “Chelated minerals” are better absorbed than inorganic minerals. The use of chelated minerals reduces mineral excretion and assures better utilization. They also reduce the degenerative effect of trace minerals on vitamins in premixes and feed and protect the environment by reducing metal pollution.

The primary role of chelated minerals is to increase the bioavailability of supplemental trace minerals from the diet. The beneficial effects of chelation are attributed to the association of the metal with an organic molecule, the ligand (glycine). The increased bioavailability of the chelated trace mineral is due to the following.

  • Increased solubility – The chelated minerals are readily soluble in the intestinal contents. This enables the minerals to be homogenously distributed in the digesta and are able to reach the absorbing surface of the intestine.
  • Greater stability in the gut – The chelated minerals are more stable in the digestive tract since it protects the metal from the antagonists present in the diet and from changes in the pH.
  • Enhanced absorption across intestinal membrane – The chelated minerals are more absorbable than the inorganic form since the coating of minerals neutralizes the charges of each inorganic minerals and prevents formation of the complex in the intestine.
  • Improved metabolic utilization – Chelated minerals improves metabolic uptake and decreases its elimination in faeces.

Salient Features

  • ORGANOVIN strikes a perfect balance between needs and limits of trace mineral nutrition.
  • The composition is designed as per recommendation and bird’s consumption rate of trace minerals.
  • Selection of accurate chelates having maximum bioavailability.


  • Improves egg shell thickness in layers/breeders and reduces the egg cracking percentage in older birds.
  • Corrects lameness issues in broilers and improves performance.
  • Improves hatchability, fertility and production problems in breeder birds.

Feeding Recommendation

  • Breeder/ Parent Birds: 1 kg / tonne of feed
  • Broilers and Layers: 500 g / tonne of feed OR As recommended by the nutritionist / veterinarian
(Supplied as glycinated complex)
Copper 20 g
Iron  110 g
Manganese 100 g
Zinc 100 g
Iodine  2.5 g
Selenium  0.5 g

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