Oligosaccharides are dietary substances that nurture a selected group of beneficial microbes residing in the gut of food-producing animals and are sometimes collectively referred to as prebiotics. They are poorly hydrolyzed by the digestive enzymes of the gut and preferentially favor the growth of probiotics that are helpful in gut health maintenance, immune-potent, and reduction in enteric diseases. Due to their history of safe use and therapeutic support,  they have attracted tremendous interest in animal nutrition and feed applications.

OLIGOS is a specially designed indigestible and soluble dietary fibre to provide health benefits upon farmed animals and suitable to all growth stages. Out of various oligosaccharides used, OLIGOS has the most beneficial effects during high-stress periods and promotes rapid recovery of gut health. It is resistant to gastric acidity and hydrolysis by digestive enzymes and stimulates the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria which are potentially associated with gut health. OLIGOS is the only prebiotic among various oligosaccharides capable of providing beneficial effects to Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium simultaneously.

OLIGOS is stable in wide pH and temperature ranges and offers the most promising opportunities in the livestock feed and pet food industries. It is also a safe and well-tolerated ingredient having GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) status and can be included in the dietary fibre content of the animal diet.


Regulate Gut Microflora

  • Promote the growth of probiotics
  • Inhibit the growth of the pathogen

Strengthen Intestinal Functions

  •  Maintaining the integrity of the intestinal barrier
  • Promote the development of intestinal villi

Suppress Pathogen Adhesion / Infection

  • Inhibit/compete for the binding sites with the pathogen on the cell
  • Reduce colony size
  • Relieve Diarrhoea / Constipation
  • Rebalance intestinal environment
  • Stimulate bowel motility
  • Reduce putrefactive substances

Modulate Immune Response

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Reduce inflammation      
  • Promotes Mineral Absorption
  • Enhances calcium absorption
  • Prevents mineral imbalance