Nutrisupportive Solution

These are the pinnacle of our innovation intended as natural solutions to be used to reduce feed cost, improve nutrient incorporation in the body and reduce oxidatve stress in animals. These solutions are incorporated in the feed or water to maintain optimal health and nutritional supply to the livestock.

Through the development of nutrisupportive solution, Vinayak can make a significant contribution to making livestock production and aquaculture more sustainable. We supply a wide range of high-quality products that assist our customers and end-users to meet nutrient requirements and promote health and productivity across all veterinary species or livestock. This includes a range of solutions that can support the growing need to reduce levels of antibiotic usage in veterinary animals.

These products improve output while bolstering different species’ resistance to specific illnesses and more. These solutions are widely supported by large quantities of significant scientific, commercial, quality testing and accreditation (such as for FAMI-QS, GMP+ B3 and other certifications).

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