NuLLTOX is a broad spectrum toxin binder

Nulltox is a broad spectrum toxin binder of our mycotoxin prevention range.

Nulltox has the highest dose to binding response with a variety of fungal toxins. It is a modified yeast cell wall based system with addition of specially blended clay, essential oils and activated charcoal. Nulltox binds to all major mycotoxins including AFB (aflatoxins), ZEA (zearalenone), DON (Deoxynivalenol) and OCH (Ochratoxin), T2 and Fumonosins. It is also a mycotoxin prevention system, which uses its antifungal herbal oils to prevent the fungal sporulation in animal feed. Some components in Nulltox neutralize the toxins in the gut of the organism. It is used in the categories of animals belonging to the poultry, cattle and swine sectors.

Mechanism of Nulltox

• It is composed of multiple bipolar surface charges that helps it bind to polar and non poloar mycotoxin
• It also boost liver function and regeneration
• The natural extracts used in the formulation also denature mycotoxins and reduce the absorption

Features & Benefits of Nulltox

• Zero Anti Nutritionals
• Gut Promoter
• Essential Oil Prevents Growth of Mycotoxin
• Feed Sterilization

Dosage of Nulltox

• 100-500 ml in 1000 liters of drinking water for 4-5 days.

Usage of Nulltox

• Mixed with Feed

Shelf Life of Nulltox

• 24 Months

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