Myrtle Essential Oil

Myrtle Essential OilBotanical Name : Myrtus Communis

Common Name : Myrtle, Sweet verbena tree; Lemon-scented myrtle, Myrtle essential oil, Roman myrtle essential oil.

CAS # : 8008-46-6

Plant Parts Used : Leaves & Tops

Extraction Method : Steam Distillation

Color & Odor : Pale Amber Liquid with Fresh camphor floral herbal odor

Constituents & Specifications :

Pinene, Cineole, Nerol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linanool.

Product Description :

Myrtle Oil is a pale yellow or yellow mobile liquid that has intensely fresh lemon-like odor with pleasant sweet-green undertone. Its odor is much cleaner & fresher than lemongrass oil.

Properties :

Myrtle essential oil is anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic, etc.

Benefits & Uses :

  • Myrtle oil is used for fortifying natural defenses of body and is very effective in treating colds, bronchitis and fever.
  • The natural essential oil is used as aromatherapy oil too.
  • Myrtle oil is the right treatment for alleviating effects of stress as well as is a great mood booster.
  • The oil is also effective in treating thyroid related problems.
  • The natural essential oil also possesses antiseptic properties that are very effective in treatment of skin wounds and other skin conditions.

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