Myogena - Amino Acid Optimizer

The world meat industry faces a dual challenge: it must reduce the fat content of meat carcasses in order to provide a nutritious product with a minimum of waste, while not affecting meat palatability. The positive effects of marbling on tenderness and palatability as well as a meat grading system that penalizes carcasses with little marbling make it essential that animals be produced with minimal amounts of fat stored in depots such as the subcutaneous and perirenal depots, without markedly decreasing
intramuscular adipose tissue. This can be accomplished only if the factors regulating lipid deposition on intramuscular adipose tissue and other fat depots.

IGF-1 is the hormone that is primarily involved with lean deposition in cattle. IGF-1 has shown to have a great deal of importance in skeletal muscle propagation, particularly throughout normal growth and development. IGF-1 stimulates protein metabolism in the skeletal muscle. IGF-1 is directly proportional to the marbling (intramuscular fat) in the beef cattle.

MYOGENA is an amino acid optimizer which improves protein turnover. It reduces amino acid wastage and directs proteogenic nutrition to improve performance. It is a natural feed additive that maintains the anabolic state of the animal.

Mechanism Of Myogena

The active ingredient in MYOGENA stimulates the Insulin like Growth Factor- I (IGF-I) from liver. Which strengthens the skeletal muscle accretion, particularly in red meat animals. It stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of myobrillar. It further stimulates the mTORC1 gene (Mammalian target of rapamycine complex 1), which is a kinase that regulates key cellular functions linked to the promotion of cell growth and metabolism. It has a fundamental role in coordinating anabolic and catabolic processes in response to growth factors and nutrients. When active, mTORC1 triggers cell growth and proliferation by promoting protein
synthesis, lipid biogenesis and metabolism.

The phytochemicals in MYOGENA, trigger the activation of muscle development that channelizes intra muscular fat deposition in preadipocyte and myogenesis by muscle protein synthesis.

○ Enhances proper muscle development
○ Improves body weight gain
○ Increases muscle protein synthesis
○ Better marbling in meat
○ Better carcass yield
○ Good dressing percentage
○ Improves quality of beef