MUCOFORT - microemulsion form of various phytoconstituents

MUCOFORT is a microemulsion form of various phytoconstituents that prevents viral or bacterial penetration of the mucosal barrier thus acting as a barrier for invading pathogens.

Mucofort works in a very innovative way to strengthen the fixed mucin coverage in the respiratory tract. It forms an inpermeabale barrier for microbes to attach and cause disease. It thickens the epithelial layer and reduce the mucus in the respiratory tract and reduces the loose mucin occlusions of the airway.

Mucofort complements this mechanism by reducing the goblet cell hyperplasia in cases of respiratory disease, thus reducing the hyper secretion of mucous. It is also a potent natural polyphenolic anti-inflammatory agent that restores the oxygen exchange efficiency of the respiratory system.

Features & Benefits
  • Complete Protection Prevents descending infection that leads to lung disease
  • Anti-stress Improves oxygenation of cells and reduces gasping
  • Fixed Mucin Enhancer Prevents attachment of microbes for disease initiation
  • Immediate Action 24 – 48 hrs relief
  • Extreme Water Stability Stable at different pH & water hardness levels
Dosage of  Mucofort

200 ml per 1000 litre of drinking water


Mixed with drinking water


1 litre and 5 litre

Shelf Life of Mucofort

24 Months

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