Mucofort (Respiratory Tonic For Poultry)

Respiratory issues in flocks range in different levels of severity. Some might just be sneezing due to bedding dust or it can be infectious in nature. Generally, different etiologies persist, leading to respiratory problems in the flock. Disease outbreak like infectious coryza, acute/chronic aspergillosis, infectious bronchitis / (IB), chronic respiratory disease (CRD), avian influenza, etc. results in respiratory stress, low production, and high mortality rate in birds as well as huge economic loss to the farmers.

MucoFort, herbal feed supplement. It is a microemulsion form of various phytoconstituents that prevents viral or bacterial penetration of the mucosal barrier thus acting as a potent disease preventive system


Mucus is the first line of defense against the respiratory pathogens which prevents bacterial adheres to the lumen of the respiratory tract. Since mucus is secreted by goblet cells that are present in the mucus membrane. Thus, MucoFort stimulates mucus secretion by increasing the number of global cells via making the mucus membrane thicker.

The active component in MucoFort helps in suppressing the secondary symptoms that are characterized by an exudation of inflammatory exudates like cellular debris, inflammatory cells, mucin deposition of fibrinous exudates

  • Naturally, stimulate protective mechanism and functioning of the respiratory system
  • As a decongestant, for normal breathing in stresses birds
  • Anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator in action
  • Mucin enhancer, preventing microbial attachment to the trachea
  • Improves oxygenation of cells and reduces gasping
  • Immediate Action: 24 – 48 hrs relief