Major Reasons to use natural Food Colors:

1. Color Variety – Natural Food Colors has a huge amount of colors to choose from. The research and development that is been finding alternatives to synthetic food color additives. Major sources of natural colors come from beta carotene, turmeric, beetroot, chlorophyll, anthocyanin and carmine. Carmine, however, has gotten some criticism because its non-vegetarian source. Nevertheless, the source is considered beneficial for health and a viable food supply source for proteins instead of meat.

2. Form – Color itself is important but the form in which the color comes is important as well. Also natural color alternatives are not limited to simply coloring products as they can mold themselves according to product characteristics. Variety of  forms available for all types of products, like pastries, cookies, cold drinks, juices or toothpaste. There is also a huge variety of colors in powder as well as liquid form for variety of applications.

 3. Health Benefits – The best thing about Natural colors is that there is less risk to cause carcinogenic or cardiovascular problems. Natural Colors are usually considered safe and healthy to use. For the today’s huge demand for health beneficial food products, natural color is a boon with vast choices. One should definitely go for the use of Natural Colour Segement.

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