Look into your Poultry Feed…

Look into your Poultry FeedAs the Monsoon has arrived, high humidity in an environment and feed exposed to such environment can easily retain moisture.

This results in the degradation of feed nutritive value.

This high moisture provides ambient conditions to grow mould and fungi. Elevating the risk of various toxins in the feed. Since these toxins are secondary metabolites of fungus and moulds, resulting in degrading the feed quality and ultimately reflecting an adverse effect on poultry performance and production.

Feed contaminated with fungus, such as Aspergillus flavus results into mycotoxins commonly known as aflatoxins (AF), B1, B2, G1 and G2 etc.  Affecting the birds as:-

  1. Reduction of feed intake
  2. Poor nutrient absorption and altered nutrient metabolism
  3. Frequent disease outbreak in flocks
  4. Gastrointestinal and hepatic problems
  5. Poor FCR and egg production and high mortality

So to avoid such conditions consequently, necessary prevention and well effective methods should be taken to detoxify toxins-containing feedstuffs. Therefore, one should select a toxin binder that should complete bind the different toxins and expelling the toxin from the system completely. It should avoid minerals and vitamins to be cheated in the gut. Along with this, it should be hepato protectively and rejuvenating the lost liver cells due to toxin damage.

A Developing toxin binder, which is natural in origin will help in optimizing the nutrient absorption and bio transformation of various toxins from the system. Natural ingredients like bioactive charcoal and clay help to bind the toxins from the system. Organic acids help in maintaining the normal gut pH and act as a mould inhibitor. Prebiotics helps to maintain beneficial gut microflora in the birds. Herbal extracts provides hepato protective and hepato stimulant effect and improve the feed digestion for better performance and production of the bird.

Thus, in a nutshell, a toxin binder should prevent formation and bio-activation of mycotoxins into toxic metabolites, prevent systemic deleterious effects of absorbed mycotoxins, improve liver function, enhance the utilization of nutrients, FCR and production performance in poultry.

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