Litter is an important aspect of deep litter housing system. This poultry litter is the source of volatilized ammonia and its management is a key factor which affects the rate of its emission and the health of birds. Keeping litter dry is a critical part for the management of poultry farm. Caked litter increases the ammonia level thus negatively affecting broiler’s health, welfare, growth performance and carcass quality. High ammonia levels in poultry houses can result in poor bird performance and health which causes loss of profits to the grower and integrator. Birds are often more susceptible to infections of the respiratory tract when exposed to high levels of ammonia.

The presence of organic waste from feed, feces and favorable shelter, temperature, light and moisture conditions result in the development of large populations of the pathogens. This can reduce the flock productivity and damage the health of animals.

To combat such problems in poultry houses we at Vinayak Ingredients have launched a product with the brand name as “Essentiolitt Poultry” which is a blend of Essential oils and works as a litter amendment system and works on various principles like a desiccant, pH control, nitrogen, and phosphorus optimization, poultry sanitizer and litter conditioner.

The unique natural ingredients in the product have been formulated which provide the following benefits:

  1. Re-balancing the natural ecosystem of the litter, which are toxic to humans and birds
  2.  Balancing the pH which is essential to control to the growth of bacterial toxins and constantly consume organic matter that regenerates the natural balance of the litter.
  3. Regenerating the entire litter bed allowing it to be used longer for safe and healthier birds as well as non-toxic to humans.
  4. Acting as a Bio-aerosol cleanser wherein essential oils bind to bio-aerosols thereby preventing respiratory problems in the birds.
  5. Giving a desiccant effect which helps in maintaining the moisture content that is essential to reduce the formation of ammonia.
  6. Having Anti-urease and Anti-uricase property which ultimately leads to no ammonia formation.
  7. Maintaining Dry litter that helps in controlling the ammonia level, providing a healthy flock environment, and reducing condemnations due to hock, footpad burns, and breast blisters. 
  8. Destroying the pathogenic microflora in the litter by acting as a disinfectant.
  9. Acting as an odor control program
  10. Accentuating the growth of beneficial microflora for better litter to manure conversion.

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