So yes, we see it all around. Everyone is going gaga over how to organic food products. Many research and studies have shown the benefits of consuming organic food. From inflammatory to immunity they carry a load of benefit originating from this supposedly small scale market. So, how small is this market? According to USDA estimates the total organic food sales in 2015 were $ 37 billion with a yearly increase of 12 %. The organic poultry retail sales have almost quadrupled since 2003, and estimates of annual growth rates range from 23 to 38 percent through the end of the decade, with annual sales reaching almost $600 million by 2010. From 2014 to 2015, when total egg sales in the U.S. were down 1.1 percent, organic egg sales increased an astonishing 119.8 percent, according to data from Euromonitor, proving that consumers will indeed pay a premium for what they think is a better product. The difficulties that most organic poultry producers face today are to deal with the ban on the use of synthetic amino acids, only methionine can be partially used as per the National Organic Program( NOP). The farmer then either has to use high crude protein content which not only increases the price of feed but also increases ammonia emissions. Along with this severe footpad lesions develop with the increased non optimized amino acid levels. Up till now farmers had no options but to live with it to fetch high returns from the NOP certified sale.

Amino acid optimization is a vast topic, which starts from ingredients and goes all the way up to on feed line near-infrared imaging to predict real-time amino acid nutrition. The research on amino acid nutrition is endless; however, with the growth of the organic market, the faster-growing varieties do not fulfill the economical criterion for being organic. KiFAY™ our solution for the feed industry was innovated for the market as a suitable amino acid optimizer. The primary goal of KiFAY™ is to reduce feed prices without impacting performance. As all ingredients used in KiFAY™ of plant source and can easily be sourced as organic. We see a huge potential in using it as an organic matrix for the replacement of chemical amino acids in the feed. As amino acid optimization with KiFAY™ requires no high-end machinery and continuous monitoring of ppm levels of nutrients. We can use simple body physiology derived mechanisms to rear conventional fast-growing broilers the organic way. If only, all additives focus on protein utilization rather than supplementation, this concern of small farms producing organic for the masses in a cost-effective and eco-sustainable manner can be easily resolved.