A natural feed additive that maintains the anabolic state of the animal in isoenergic diets

The stimulation of muscle protein synthesis is reliant on the adequate availability of amino acid (AA) precursors. The increase in circulating aa concentrations in the blood serves as a signal to initiate synthetics.processes. A sufficient increase in blood AA is required to overcome a concentration gradient that normally favors the intracellular space. Muscle protein synthesis and a positive anabolic state is directly related to the rate of appearance of AA in the intracellular space. Thus, Only feeding amino acid with an optimal Amino.

KiFAY has a documented effect on circulating IGF-1 in polygastric animals, which is responsible for adaptive protein accretion. mTORC1 activation is critical in anabolic signalling and translational genomics. However, mTORC1 is nutrient-sensitive and sufficient concentration of Amino acid concentration is required to activate the pathway. KiFAY shows an effect on protein utilization in ruminants as seen by trails.

Benefits of KiFAY

• Improved milk protein – 2 to 3 % improved milk protein yield

• Improved milk SNF – 3 to 4 % improved SNF yield

• Improved milk yield – 4 to 5 % improved milk yield

• Enhanced immunity

• Increased palatability of food – 5 to 6 % improved DMI (Dry matter intake)

• Improved dung texture

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