Growth Promoters-protein optimizer for poultry and swine


Proteins and amino acids are essential nutrients for production animals. For this reason, there is an increasing demand for protein sources for animal feeds throughout the world.

For monogastric animals, like poultry and swine,

Kifay-Poultry provides feed additive solutions which will give your animals’ additional energy, increase in weight gain, improve immunity and disease resistance in flock.

It helps to reduce catabolic stress in birds, work as a animals’ and poultry growth promoters and help to improve size and quality of eggs. For meat-producing animals the ratio between unsaturated and saturated fatty acids in the added fat is important, but too much of them may lead to poor carcass quality.

Kifay-Poultry is a Poultry Growth Promoters and protein optimizer, which improves protein synthesis by affecting the protein turnover rates thus reducing protein catabolism and protects amino acids from being degraded.

It is able to retain more protein and reduce excess protein degradation leading to better performance, improved immunity and less ammonia being deposited on the litter.

In poultry, feed additive is not only used to increase the energy concentration, but also to increase palatability, digestion, and utilization of fat-soluble nutrients like vitamins helping in standardization of egg size and mass when fed to laying hens. There are several benefits of supplemental fat in a pig’s diet.

Features & Benefits :
  • Improve weight gain / growth promoters
  • Better return on investment
  • Improve Immunity and Disease Resistance in Flock
  • Standardization of Egg Size and Mass
  • Reduce Catabolic Stress in Birds
  • Improve Amino Acid Retention in the Body
Dosage of Kifay

1.5 kg per ton of feed


Mixed in feed


20 Kg Bag

Shelf Life of Kifay

24 Months

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